Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier

Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier

Purification Technology: UV+UF

Livpure Glitz water purifiers uses 4 stage intense   purification process. The purity of every drop of water is kept safe with this product.

  • Sleek and elegant DIY cartridge replacement
  • 4 stage purification (UV+UF )
  • 60 LPH flow rate
  • Equipped with e-monitoring
  • Custom / free flow dispense option power on/process/filter life indicator
  • UV/SV fail Indication
  • Power saver technology
  • Back flushing port for sediment filter
  • Convenient shutter tray to fill glass/bottle
  • Adjustable swivel spout
  • Operated on 12 VDC

Companying the benefits of both ultraviolet and ultra filter purification technology, Livpure Glitz water purifier   creates  a trust among its customers. The advanced   option of sterilization  and  decontamination  makes it   a more versatile  product among contemporary water purifiers . The perfect designs with   surface curves at the front and   straight  at the back makes it more convenient for easy wall mounting. Reputed manufactures like Livpure Glitz UV water purifiers Dubai  uses high quality food grade plastics  for its manufacturing. One of the   main advantage of this product is that, it is as simple as to remove and replace the  cartridge by our own .Companies like Livpure Glitz UV water purifies uses an additional e- monitoring  device and a UV  filter indicator. This product comes up with a storage capacity of 7 liters and a flow rate of  60 liters per hour.

The advanced power saving technology and low voltage  rate of about 140 -300 v is another benefit of this product. Livpure glitz water purifiers UAE comes up with a   multiple indicator  and alarm. It works with an inlet pressure of about .3 kg/cm to 3kg/cm. The sediment filter employed here comes up with a  back flushing port technique and pivot discharge. The 4 level purification  system  makes use of a  sediment filter, a carbon filter , anti scalant  filter and a ultrafiltration membrane. The water passes through all these 4 stages of intense filtration process before receiving the final product. The elegant build and easy to use   features of this product are apt for household purposes.

Storage Tank Capacity : 7 Litres

Purification Cartridges : Sediment Filter,Carbon Filter,UV Disinfection Column,UF Cartridge Filter

Material of Construction : Food Grade Material

Product Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) : 297*257*506

Installation : Wall Mounting

Purification Technology : UV+UF

Stages of Purification : 4 Stages

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels : 1-500 ppm

Purification Capacity : Upto 60 Litres/hour

Type of Purifier : Electric

Power Consumption

Max Duty Cycle : NA

Filter Replacement Cycle : Upto 6000 Litres. * Filter life may affect by input water Quality

RO Membrane : NA

Membrane Type : NA

UV Disinfection Column : 24 Liters/hour (Design Registration No.- 264546)

UF Cartridge : 0.1 µm

Maximum Inlet Pressure : 3 Kg/**

Minimum Inlet Pressure : 0.3 Kg/*

Input Voltage : 140-300 V AC/50 Hz

Operating Voltage : 12 V DC

Indicator : Power ON UV Process Tank Full fault indication

Alarms : UV failure

Sales Package : Product, Installation kit, User Manual cum warranty card

Service Type : Onsite service, during warranty period sediment filter and carbon filter will be replaced and two preventive maintenance will be provided free

Covered In Warranty

The product warranted against any manufacturing defects arising out of any faulty or defective material on workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of installation/final invoice shall be applicable 

Not Covered In Warranty

Product warranty excludes defects accruing because of abuse, faulty care or maintenance, repairs/alternative to goods or parts by others