Livpure Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier

Livpure Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier

Purification Technology: NA 

Livpure Brahma Neo is designed for the modern Indian homes. It delivers a power packed performance and is surprisingly easy on the pocket. With a refreshing new compact design, Livpure brahma water filter features a kitanu guard and a 4 stage purification process that gives you clean water and protects you from all impurities.

  • 4 stage purification process
  • 100% pure water capacity
  • Kitanu guard
  • USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology

Water is the key life source on the planet. It is the most essential of all the elements and plays a primary role in the sustenance of life. The key to a healthy life is the constant availability of dependable and safe drinking water. It’s every household’s prerogative to have a clean and sanitized regular drinking water supply. An impure and contaminated water source leads to microbial infestation and a range of waterborne diseases. The Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier is specially designed to blend well with the contemporary Indian home decors. It employs an advanced 4 stage purification process to efficiently transform tap water into pure, disinfected drinking water. This wall-mountable water purifier features an effective Kitanu Guard for enhanced protection against bacterial or viral infections. This kitanu guard is also designed to give up to 2000 litres of purified water at room temperature.

The Livpure Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier uses the revolutionary gravity technology, wherein water is filtered via a normal gravity process, running from a top container (higher point) to lower container (lower point), with an activated carbon filter efficiently removing hazardous organic impurities, such as pesticides, weedicides, and other harmful chemicals, thereby ascertaining the purity of your drinking water.

4 Stage Filtration process -

1) Particulate Filter - This filter removes suspended or particulate impurities that are visible to the naked eye from your drinking water supply. This multi-layered ‘depth’ filter is made from food grade, non-biodegradable polypropylene fiber.  

2) Sediment Filter - This micron filter eliminates fine, suspended impurities from the water. Made using multiple layers of non-woven polypropylene fabric, this filter also protects the booster pump head and solenoid valve from malfunctioning due to sediment deposition.

3) Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter cum Adsorber - The bacteriostatic activated carbon filter effectively eliminates carcinogenic impurities, such as herbicides, pesticides, weedicides, insecticides, residual chlorine, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and harmful infection-causing microorganisms including bacteria, microbes, and viruses.

4) Kitanu Guard (USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology) - The primary function of the Kitanu Guard is to provide enhanced protection from bacterial, viral, and other microbial infections. It is incorporated with the USEPA-registered disinfection technology to purify 2000 litres of water at room temperature at a go.

The Livpure Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier is the perfect home appliance to ensure 100% safe drinking water for you and your family. To avail this power efficient water purifier, place an order online at Livpure.

Storage Tank Capacity : 24 Litres

Purification Cartridges : Particulate Filter, Sediment Filter,Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter cum Adsorber,USEPA registered disinfection technology

Material of Construction : Food Grade Plastic

Product Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) : 310*210*590

Installation : Table top

Purification Technology : NA

Stages of Purification : 4 Stages

Type of Purifier : Non Electric

Max Duty Cycle : NA

Power Consumption

Filter Replacement Cycle : 4000 Litres

RO Membrane : NA

Membrane Type : NA

UV Disinfection Column : NA

UF Cartridge : NA

Maximum Inlet Pressure : NA

Minimum Inlet Pressure : NA

Input Voltage : NA

Operating Voltage : NA

Indicator : N/A

Alarms : NA

Purification life : Kitanu Guard has been designed to give up to 2000 Litres of purified water at room temperature

Shelf Life : 1 Year in packed and sealed condition

Conforms To Standards : USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology

Replacement Cycle : Up to 2000 litres or 8 months, whichver is earlier

Input Water Trubidty : 10 NTU max

Sales Package : Product, Installation kit, User Manual cum warranty card

Service Type :Direct by company trained service engineer at customer site

Covered In Warranty


Not Covered In Warranty