Management Team

Mr. Rakesh Malhotra | Founder & Mentor

They say attitude separates the great. It clearly reflects in the case of Mr. Rakesh Malhotra. For, his restlessness with the ordinary always talked volumes about him. Not settling for WHAT-IS, he always showcased traits visible in scientists and great visionaries. What changes can be made to the existing structures and technologies to make them at par with future ready generation. Mr. Malhotra’s this very attitude brought him to the doors of entrepreneurship after completing his engineering studies followed by a brief stint with the industry.


Mr. Navneet Kapoor | Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr Navneet Kapoor, Chairman, Livpure, joined Mr Rakesh Malhotra after his engineering and together helped build Luminous Power Technologies. In the last 20 years he has worked across functional areas including procurement, supply chain, production, and project management and emerged as a powerful business leader. He is today working along with Rakesh Malhotra to take the SAR group to new heights. He is a self-motivated, independent person and has a vast experience in production and supply chain management. He has an ability to deal with customers, service providers and internal personnel. He is multi – skilled person with leadership qualities, strategic decisions and operational excellence.